The Eco-friendly Bamboo Fabrics

27 01 2010

By : Dave de Castro

Bamboo fabric is soft and for all skin types because it is natural and eco-friendly. Many people catching into the fact that bamboo makes an excellent fabric. Bamboos are being processed naturally to transform it into fabric that is softer that cotton and drape like silk. Its luxurious softness has been described similar to cashmere but less expensive and more durable. The most importantly is, it doesn’t damage the environment even than organic cotton.

Bamboo fibers are manufactured from natural bamboo using high-technological machines. The fibers are completely biodegradable making it eco-friendly and praised as the natural green fabric materials. Bamboo fiber has natural anti-bacterial components that can’t cause any skin irritation and allergies. Unlike other resources bamboo grows faster and assures sustainability than forest trees which require over 30 years recovery period. Bamboo fabric is cool and breathable. The micro-gaps and micro-holes in the bamboo fiber make its moisture, absorbing and ventilating. Perhaps the best use of bamboo fibers is for babies and lot of these are available in market with different colors and design. So try to wear bamboo fibers to keep you cool and comfortable.



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