The Natural Bamboo Vinegar

28 01 2010

By : David de Castro

Many people don’t know that bamboo used as an alternatives of vinegar. Right, many of these ingredients are ancient items used in the Asian culture for centuries. Bamboo vinegar oil is used for organic fertilizer, preservative medium and for relief of paints etc. Bamboo vinegar produced a through natural carbonization occurs when bamboo heated in the container during bamboo charcoal production. The vapor become condensed once cooled down which produces the vinegar. After several filtering process, bamboo vinegar produced having healthful benefits to improve the health and beauty.

Doctors today are turning to natural ingredients to help relieve common ailments that bother people today. After a years of technological findings and research, doctors and scientists begun using natural ingredients to address many diseases. And bamboo vinegar is one of the greatest discoveries. One of the products used in the natural market today is organic bamboo vinegar. It is a natural liquid, derived from the condensation obtained in bamboo charcoal production. Bamboo vinegar made-up of many nutrients and provides medicinal benefits to users. The vinegar commonly used in diluted form, known for the betterment skin, hair, and body condition. For years, bamboo vinegar knows in detoxification as main ingredients in Detox foot pads.



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