Growing Requirement of Bamboo Plants

26 01 2010

By: David de Castro

In growing and caring bamboo plants, there’s some requirement needed to make it beautiful and attractive on your landscape. On the subject of growing requirements for bamboo, you need to supply all the necessities of your bamboo to make strong and diseases free.  The American Bamboo Society said that most bamboo grow faster and perform best in full sun. In some point of view some bamboo need partial shades and didn’t endure the full exposure to sunlight.

In this article we will discuss the needs on the versatile plant, bamboo. Most of the bamboo or all bamboos prefer the loamy texture of soil and slightly acidic pH balance (around 6 ). Bamboo plants want lot of water but they also need a well-drained soil. Restrict watering for clumping bamboo to the area around the base of the plant.  If you’re growing a running bamboo, saturating the entire planting area is really important. Apply a right amount of High Nitrogen Fertilizer to stimulate growth of your bamboo plants.

For those who live in cold climates, there are some verities of bamboo suitable for your climate. Like Multiplex clumping Bamboo, Silverstripe, Angel Mist Bamboo Plants, and Seabreeze Clumping Bamboo. These kind of bamboo are cold hardy and will endure the cold climate. Now you know not only how to contain bamboo plants but also how to grow them. Visit to have best bamboo suitable for you.



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