Real Bamboo Versus Synthetic Bamboo

8 02 2010

By: David de Castro

Synthetic Bamboo is a replica of real bamboo. Synthetic bamboo is either made up of plastic or high-class fabric. Imitation Bamboo is called Bamfaux. Both are versatile but live bamboo can be used as food, mats, wall, fences and hundreds of other application. Synthetic bamboo is just an ornament; it cannot grow and never rots because it’s not alive. With live bamboo the ends are often splintered and sometimes flayed. With Imitation bamboo this doesn’t happen, ever. Bamboo plants have internal oily chemical reaction that pushes away paint and fade away. Imitates bamboo painted to suite you, it doesn’t need to re-paint it. The synthetic bamboo is prone to scratches and wears that remove the coloring, leaving behind white marks. Real bamboo might wear away plus it might crack and break and will do so much easier than imitation bamboo. Bamboo are flexible, they both bent into small degree. The only real complication is live bamboo need to be wet, green and young to be able to bend. However imitation bamboo simply needs to be itself, the more thickly the less flexible itself. I hope this article help you determine the differences of real bamboo and Synthetic bamboo aside from its major differences.



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