Cold-Hardy Clumping Bamboo Plants in America

3 02 2010

By : David de Castro

Clumping Bamboo is composed of over 500 species but the majority of this species grown in tropical to sub-tropical region around the world. However some of the species can be grow in Southern United States, zones 7-10 or in cold area. Clumping bamboo grow in the lower part of United State. Bamusa family comprised of many species and the most planted variety of bamboo planted in US are Bambusa Multiplex, commonly known as Hedge Bamboo.

Bambusa Multiplex Alphonse Karr bamboo grows variegated. It can grow fast as 1-2 inches in diameter and poles up to 50 feet tall. Alphonse Karr got its popularity because of its beautiful specimen plant of stripe bamboo. Other beautiful bamboo is Tropical Blue bamboo, Multiplex Silverstripe, Gracilis or Graceful Bamboo, Seabreeze Bamboo, and Angel Mist Bamboo. These clumping bamboo species like a running bamboo which is cold-hardy and perfect as privacy hedge. Clumping Bamboo is primarily prized for its non-invasive characteristics, and to be used as barriers between homes in densely populated urban community. American native bamboos like Arundinaria gigantea, also known as “canebreaks” or “switchcane” rarely grows greater than 1 inch and 25 feet tall. American native bamboo is technically running bamboo but not nearly aggressive, and spreading very slowly.



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