Beautiful Black Bamboo Collection

1 02 2010

By: David de Castro
In the past two decades there has been increasing desire to experiment new plants in the garden. Gardening has always been a story of importing new and exotic plants from other countries and climates. Fine black bamboo can be used to add an exotic feel to your own plot garden and can act as central features in a modern garden.

Bambusa Lako Timor Bamboo is one of the elegant and  best bamboo collections. Unlike Tropical Black Bamboo or G. Atroviolacea lako timor is more versatile in landscape and froze resistance. The culms emerge green and mature to its beautiful shiny black. Its tall bamboo has purple black with light green stripes. Branches grow from lower part from its culm and it can be planted either as a specimen, in a row along the path, or among other tropical foliage. Its wood became highly prize for its strength and maintain its color after harvested. Slightly open clumper and it can grow 30-45 feet with 2″-3″ diameter canes. Canes may suffer frost damage at 27o to 30o but the cold does not affect the roots. The bigger canes and new shoots will come-out in a summer season. Bamboo has many uses worldwide from building materials to paper.



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